Advertising Whisks

My mother loves bright colors and astrology. So when I looked at the target audience I tried designing something that would be geared towards my mother since she would fall into that group. I hoped to create a simpler but eye catching design with good contrast to appeal to my viewers.



Married woman from the age of 55 to 64 with a high school education were the demographic I was supposed to be targeting. These individuals were to have an income of 60,000-80,000 a year with a media consumption of magazines and blogs. The product being advertised was a whisk and I chose to use Pampered Chef as my brand.




Color and Contrast:

Both pink and white have really good contrast against the darker color of the sky here which help the text to stand out better. I chose those two colors additionally to tie in with the logo for Pampered Chef and create repetition throughout the advertisement. Furthermore, I felt that the brighter colors would appeal more to the age and gender of my demographic without being to overwhelming because it was balanced out by the darker background.


When I cook I experiment a lot and frequently try new things. I believe that cooking really can be a adventure in itself so that was the message here I tried to convey.


The background picture was lined up with the whisk so that the lighter colors would lead your eyes to it. I left aligned all the text and tried to line up the text with the head, shoulders and knee of the woman.





Although, making this advertisement was not easy for me, I learned so much and had fun. It was interesting to try and focus on having a perspective more like how my mother thinks and I enjoyed the challenge. I really tried to implement simpler but more feminine qualities in my design with both the colors and the images I chose and to create something that would really draw the eye.



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